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Conditions of use

This Internet site is the official discussion and exchange forum for owners of BMW M automobiles. We expressly wish this to be a place of lively exchange and discussion along with questions and responses from members. All members are governed by the terms of these conditions of use, the code of conduct, and legal notices. We expressly point out that opinions expressed by our authorised administrators and moderators are their own personal opinions. They must not necessarily agree with the opinions or interests of BMW AG or BMW M GmbH.

1. Disclaimer

Neither BMW AG nor BMW M GmbH is responsible for the content of postings written and published by users. Every user is responsible for ensuring that his posts do not violate any laws or rights of third parties. This applies both to the directly visible portion of the post and to any links it contains.

2. Use of the forum

a. Users of the forum undertake not to pass on data that is directly required to use the forum to a third party. This particularly concerns user names and passwords.

b. The Internet is not a lawless place. The laws of the Federal Republic of German must be observed. Any violation may result in civil or criminal legal consequences. In the event of any violation, BMW M GmbH and BMW AG reserve the right to pass on information regarding the user to the responsible authorities, in accordance with prevailing German law.

3. Participation

There is no entitlement to participate in this forum. BMW M GmbH and BMW AG reserve the right to block the access of individual users to the forum either temporarily or permanently, without stating reasons.

4. User names

Every participant must select a user name for the forum. This does not have to be the user's real name, i.e. it may be a pseudonym. In the interest of legibility, letters (and digits) should be used, i.e. the use of special symbols, with the exceptions of hyphens and underscores, should be refrained from. It is not permitted to use a name protected by trademark or an Internet address as a user name. As with posts, user names must not be unlawful or offensive.

5. Profiles

No visible content or links in user profiles that violate the conditions of use will be tolerated.

6. Signatures

Signatures must be restricted to three lines, including empty lines. Links in the signature may only refer to BMW vehicles, web pages of BMW AG and BMW M GmbH, or non-commercial, private homepages that belong to the user and comply with the conditions of use.

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